Your Third Castling


For isn’t, indeed, Stephen Daedalus himself castled by Leopold Bloom? And Bloom then castled by…Molly? And on and on?

A cursory search of the internets leads me to believe the Fritz Cramer who provides the epigram for Lars Gustaffson’s “Stories of Happy People” might not exist. That sentence itself was thrice castled, in terms of its subject, wasn’t it? Here’s what he says:

Fundamentally complex living systems can be defined as systems which can delay the breakdown catastrophe for some time by organizing themselves in a more complex way for as long as possible.

suggesting that when you become complex, further complexity isn’t merely a virtue – it’s a survival tactic.


  1. If a fence must be constructed to maximize area for grazing sheep, and “there are” 100 meters of fencing, what geometric shape should be employed and what should be the dimension(s)?
  2. If the sheep (10) each graze in a random pattern, and eat 10% of their body weight in grass each day, will the area be sufficient for one week of grazing for sheep with a median weight of 10 Newtons?
  3. Which sheep dies before the week is out?


Mr. F. Cramer escaped from a maximum security prison in 1987 and it is believed he fled toward the west-Texas/New Mexico border. He had been held for 19 years and published a weekly column on knitting in the weekly prison newsletter. It seems he’d knit a crude model of himself and tucked it into the sheets for the subterfuge. It seems, also, that he’d knitted the prison as well, and therefore only needed to tug in this one spot, for it all to disappear. Now he’s working a gas station, and his pants smell of oil and the smoke of a thousand exhaust pipes.