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Moved to Sing

To prod students to think about why academic conversations tend to take place on the page, I ask them, toward the end of the semester, to reflect on the virtues of writing and explain what they believe writing can offer that other communicative mediums—e.g. television, film, music, etc—cannot. I believe this to be an important …

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Each time I land at JFK, I’m amazed at what an incredibly ugly hurry everyone seems to be in. Perhaps my always coming from California, a much more dignified place, exacerbates my shock. Nevertheless, a question for New Yorkers: isn’t being in a hurry less attractive than composure and deliberateness? For the answer, one need …

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Fighting Fire With Arson: A Response to Yale Professor Robert J. Schiller’s misguided but not unexpected piece on the housing bubble, titled “Infectious Exuberance” and appearing in the July/August 2008 Atlantic.

Shiller believes our two recent “epidemics of financial optimism” (the dot-com and real estate bubbles) could be followed by a more disastrous financial epidemic if “irrational pessimism and mistrust” manage to spread from the lips and fingertips of sourpuss chicken-little financial pundits to the wider population. According to the author this third epidemic is easily …

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